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Welcome To YouCork

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This space was created to allow you to know our products, learn about cork and take notice of our latest events.Our factory develops other cork products as cork paper, cork flooring and acrylic. If you are looking for something or some information that you can’t find here, feel free to contact us at any time.




YouCork innovation

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The new generation combine experience and innovation developing different products and applications. So cork isn’t about stoppers anymore. Now you might try it on (as a beautiful coat) or seat on it (in a comfortable couch), you may walk on it (in the floor of your living room) and you might even lean on it (in the walls of your office). And this is not all…
What is good about our company? Constant movement. Our young team of product developers is always eager to create new products, bringing out solutions and new designs, but always keeping in mind high levels of quality.


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We make it different

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...we use cork of higher quality.

...our manufacturing process allow us to have
exclusive patterns. Natural. Not printed.

...we do refrain from using chemicals.

...our cork fabrics have a water proof protection
that doesn’t change the softness of its touch.

We make it right!


YouCork Technologies

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If you have an idea, let us know about it. “You imagine, we build”. is the commercial department of YouCork. and its purpose is to keep up with customer expectations. We provide fast communication, answering to our client requests, providing samples and price information, managing deliveries and taking all actions to make it runs really smoothly.